What is Ebotics?

Ebotics is a system of educational robotics kits and contents, developed for teaching and learning programming and robotics in an accessible and fun way.

What is Educational Robotics?

Educational Robotics is an interdisciplinary learning environment based on the use of robots and electronic components as the common thread to enhance the development of skills and competencies in children and teenagers. It works specially on the STEAM disciplines, although it can also include other areas such as linguistics, geography and history.


Are you an educator?

Ebotics educational robotics kits are designed to teach and learn programming and robotics, and have been adapted to the main European educational systems. Ebotics gives you all the necessary tools and support to introduce programming and robotics in the classroom.

Moreover, Ebotics kits are suitable to implement in STEAM education. Along with our educational partners we have designed specific content to accompany and advise during the process to apply programming and robotics at the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and at the different school subjects.