Project 3 – Wire buzzer game

Test your pulse! Get to the end of the circuit without touching the wire!

Build your game with Croc&Play kit, using our instructions below will be easy and fun!. you can use template here .





  • Croc&Play kit
  • Metal wire (1.5mm)
  • Cardboard
  • Adhesive
  • Tape
  • Aluminium foil
  • Pliers
  • Computer


  1. Download template for metal wire. Cut a cardboard rectangle of approximately 20x30cm and two discs of 5cm in diameter
  2. Cut a piece of approximately 1m of wire, fold it with a shape similar to the image of the template, and make sure to leave the two U-shaped ends so that it can rest on the cardboard
  3. Pierce the cardboard discs with the wire. In one of them paste aluminum foil on the edges and insert it into the circuit, be careful that the aluminum does not touch the wire. Then insert the disk without wire
  4. Place the wire circuit on the cardboard base and secure the ends with adhesive tape
  5. Using crocodile cables, connect one end of the wire to the down arrow of the Croc&Play board, and the aluminum disc to the Up arrow on Croc&Play board
  6. Cut another piece of wire about 20cm for the handle. We will bend one end so that it surrounds the circuit wire.
  7. Connect a crocodile cable from the straight end of the handle, to ground on Croc&Play board.
  8. Connect Croc&Play board to computer.

Watch the video of our assembly:

Press the green flag of the image below, hold the handle with one hand, touch the space button on Croc&Play board with the other to start the program, ¡let’s play!

Program made with Scratch, you can see how it is done or continue playing from its website: Open “buzzer wire game” in Scratch

In next video you can see the final project done:

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