Project 6 – Ultrasonic distance sensor for Mibo

Learn to control and program the ultrasounds distance sensor extension for the MIBO robot

DIFICULTY LEVEL:  Intermediate.




Use the following video as a mounting guide for the MIBO. If you already have it mounted, you can skip this step and go directly to the extension assembly.


You just need to place the expansion piece with the sensors towards the front, fixing it with the included clips, and connect a 3-wire cable to the P0 port of the MiBO Robot. If there is already a cable, disconnect it, it is surely the one that goes to the bottom plate for other extensions. You will see that on each plate the pins are labeled, make sure that the yellow wire goes from pin ‘0’ to ‘S’, the red one from ‘V’ to ‘V’ and the black one from ‘G’ to ‘G’.


To program the MIBO use the micro: bit Makecode web programming platform

Create a new project and write the code, or directly access the following programming code in Makecode, which you can access to its edition and / or download. If you cannot access, you can go directly  to this project in Makecode website.

You will find the blocks needed to program the line follower expanding the library of “eboticsMIBO“. In next video you can see complete guided steps.

Once the project has been downloaded to your computer, with the “.hex” format, copy it to the micro: bit in the same way you usually copy a file to a USB stick.

  • In windows, you can right-click on the downloaded “.hex” file, and select “Send to → MICROBIT”.
  • On Mac, you can drag and drop the downloaded “.hex” file into the MICROBIT drive.

If you have any questions, check the  micro:bit quick guide.

Remember! Your Mibo saves the last program uploaded in memory and can operate autonomously with the batteries by operating the switch on the side of the micro: bit board.


Congratulations, you have finished your project with MIBO!

Look at the result of the previous exercise in the MIBO:


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