Planning for Schools and Institutes

Tailor-Made Plans

We commit to accompany you during the process to apply programming and robotics in the classroom. Our educational partners have a vast experience in implementing robotics in diverse educational centers. Working along with them, we offer to design a tailor-made plan, according to your school’s characteristics and curricula.

Evolution from Scratch to Arduino and Phyton

It’s important that the introduction of programming and robotics in the classroom is based on the programming by blocks software, such as the Scratch program, since its simple and friendly interface is ideal for those giving their first steps in programming and robotics.

Ebotics kits are designed to help students evolve in the programming world. They can initiate themselves with visual programming by blocks software, and gradually evolve into code programming with Arduino and Phyton.


Whether you are looking for introducing programming and robotics into the classroom as subjects, or to apply these disciplines at the different existing subjects, in Ebotics you will find all the necessary tools and support.

We have designed specific software guides, activities and lesson plans along with our educational partners, in order to accompany and advise you during the process to apply programming and robotics at the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and at the different school subjects.