Ebotics is a system of educational robotics kits and contents, developed for teaching and learning programming and robotics in an accessible and fun way.

The Ebotics line presents different educational robotics programmable kits that have been adapted to the main european educational systems and designed to be used in STEAM education.

For kids, teenagers and adults

Each Ebotics kit has been specially designed for each one of the stages of the learning process, from the simple connection of conductive objects to the execution of complex robotics and domotics projects.

Kids, teenagers and adults will find specific kits for their level of knowledge of robotics and programming: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Validated by experts

Ebotics is the result from working along with different programming and robotics academies. The Ebotics educational robotics kits and contents have been tested and validated in educational centers of all levels, to ensure a true accompaniment in each one of the learning stages. See testimonies (link a testimonios).

Compatible with Arduino and Scratch

The Ebotics kits function with the Build&Code UNO and Build&Code 4in1 programmable boards, which have the same microprocessor as the Arduino UNO board. This means they are 100% compatible with the Arduino programming language and the programs created in Arduino can be used in Ebotics kits.

They are also compatible with differerent graphic programming software, such as Scratch, the visual graphic programming software by blocks created by the MIT Media Lab. These software present a very simple and friendly interface, perfect to learn how to program from scratch.

It’s important that the first approach to the programming and robotics world is based in programming by blocks software, since these are graphic environments in which learning programming is more attractive and accessible for those making their first steps.

Therefore, with the Ebotics kits is possible to make an evolution from the visual graphic programming by blocks software to the Arduino code programming.